Week 1 – Alki Beach

October 12, 2008

Our mission started after watching a PBS documentary   with a team of volunteers cleaning up river beds and then later that night watching Obama decimate McCain in a debate.  Not that decimation equates to rubbish picking, but it did ask us the almighty question of “what can we do to help?”

We decided to start small…”One bucket a week.” We also decided to start where we live, which is West Seattle.  It ended up being a gorgeously crisp October day so we headed down to beautiful Alki Beach. We figured if we were doing good deeds, we might as well have pretty scenery to look at as we rummage through the dirt and despair.

At first we were getting a tad bit disappointed.  I managed to find a few cigarette butts around park benches but the pickin’s were slim. Not only could we not find anything to remotely fill our buckets with, but the loot itself was rather disappointing.  No whiskey or beer bottles but a small smashed bottle of Tonic Water.  What I spied as a condom, with closer inspection, was actually a green apple lollipop wrapper.   

Finally Ben hit the mother-load by peering over the rock bulkhead.  He carefully climbed down to toss up the garbage (see pic) that was thrown maliciously over the side so the average do-er-well would never be able to locate by merely a casual stroll.  Beer bottles, cigars (this is still Alki Beach), pop cans, coffee cups (again, this is Seattle), and plastic galore!  

Whew!  One hour and two buckets later we headed home to sort, recycle and shower.  Feel free to share your bucket stories or pictures with us at getinthebucket@gmail.com.  Of course we encourage everyone to get in the bucket!



  1. most insightful blog ive ever seen, keep up the good work!

  2. “pop bottles”, boy oh boy, you have turned into a Seattle-ite.
    next you’ll be enjoying lattes while kayaking and speaking to
    the pods of killer whales at Friday harbor.


  3. You have to be able to speak “whale” if you live here. You obviously didn’t read the handbook.

    I didn’t notice the “pop” bottle thing. That is funny.


  4. Why did Lori get the
    “Cat Litter” bucket?

  5. bravo! your efforts are commendable and i implore the universe to open up and inspire angelenos to follow suit!!!

  6. Great idea! If I fill my bucket would you post my pictures and comments on your blog?

  7. It starts off with one bucket at a time and hopefully we all pay it forward one person at a time.
    I’ve encouraged my kids to grab a bucket and do the same. Live with Aloha

  8. Hi Sasquatch,

    We would love to post your pictures and comments on our blog! Thanks for considering joining our effort.

    Please email us at getinthebucket@gmail.com along with a brief description of your clean-up project. If possible, also include a picture, let us know where (neighborhood, park, etc) you filled the bucket(s) and how long you worked to fill them.

    Thanks again for helping to make this world a better place 🙂

    Ben @ inthebucket

  9. Great idea! I don’t walk around my neighborhood with a bucket with the intent to pick up garbage, but I do pick it up if I see it and there is a trash can near me. Maybe I’ll start taking walks and carry a bag with me to pick up more.
    Keep up the good work:)

  10. Great work! I started picking up garbage around the beginning of the year. I have been filling up an entire full-size garbage can on my 2-hour treks. There is a boulevard near my house that attracts lots of rubbish, bottles, and cans, and I sort as I go. On the National Day of Service I took my mom out with me. Just got back from an expedition tonight — I’ll try to send a photo in a bit.

  11. That’s wonderful Kate! We look forward to adding you to the Bucket Heads page 🙂

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