Week 4 ~ Com-post with us!

November 2, 2008

Out of the ashes of the road the great pumpkin rises!

Click on our poll to vote for this year’s winner of our Pumpkin Contest.  I won last year with a pumpkin displaying a bubbling, bulging eyeball which all ten trick-or-treaters loved.  Since we had only six trick-or-treaters this year we decided to let our readers and fellow Bucket Heads decide.  These two pictures are all we have left of our Pumpkins.  Why?  Because the second the porch light turned off Ben went-a-smashing to produce compost fodder.  The evil glint in his eye was reminiscent of Jason or Freddie.

The next day as we went hunting for garbage we found  a street that looked like Leatherface from benkinthe Texas Chain Massacre went on a rampage.  The toilet-paper tricksters and snack-size litterers found their way to a West Seattle street where the residents actually shouted to Ben, “Thank you!” as he unwound the Halloween carnage.

The best part of the day was leaving a tiny bit of room in our buckets for the smashed pumpkins on the road.  Ben giggled ala Igor as he drooled over the dead pumpkin innards and shouted…”food for my compost!

So don’t forget to click on your favorite pumpkin and also, don’t forget to vote on election day on Tuesday.  If someone can get as excited as Ben about cleaning the road, the least we can do is get excited about someone cleaning up the mess the last administration has left.  Yep, time to clean house…the White House.

4 weeks and 8 buckets later we’re carving a new road…sans pumpkins!


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  1. […] by the media and took off early Saturday to revisit the same neighborhood we tidied up in Week 4. Ten minutes later we proudly filled our 19th and 20th […]

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