David from Des Moines, IA

November 17, 2008

It was thirty-eight degrees when I set off with my bucket looking for trash here in Des Moines, Iowa. I decided that a nearby park would be the chosen site for clean up. As I drove to the park I went through an intersection that was littered with multiple potential buckets (maybe next week’s cleanup site). I’m almost embarrassed to write this but it only took me six minutes to fill my bucket. The most interesting thing I found was the 32 oz. bottle of Miller pictured next to me on the bench (no that wasn’t my reward for a job well done). In the six minutes that I spent working my mind quickly ran up against a dilemma I find myself in when thinking about recycling. That is, if I see something at work that can be recycled is it my responsibility to take it home, even if it isn’t mine? What if the object is already in the garbage? Do I reach in a pull it out ala’ George Castanza and the ice cream bar? Now that I’m a member of the bucket brigade I wonder if I’ll find myself in a similar quandary when I see any bit of garbage? More power to Ben and Lor’s idea. – David Lake (Des Moines, Iowa)


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  1. Go David, go David! Welcome to the club 🙂

    Thanks so much,


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