Week 9 – Hertz to look at

December 7, 2008

img_5341Coming home from Costco we spotted an area with an abundance of trash.  We then noticed that it was in front of a business.  We’ve avoided picking up in front businesses and residences for two reasons; it feels like trespassing and they should be picking up their own damn trash

If you were a business why would you want an unsightly mess in front of your establishment? It doesn’t particularly make me want to shop there, that’s for sure. 

So we’ve decided that businesses are fair game.  If it happens to be in front of your store, you might end up on our blog.  We have no problem shaming entrepreneurs into cleaning their acts up.  You might just say we are inclined to throw them under a bus…or car.



  1. Thank you for doing this!!! And Lori, you should feel empowered when people thank you. They truly mean it. Just learn to say you’re welcome! =) I pick up around my neighborhood, wherever I camp or hike or walk but do not go out of my way like you folks do. If everyone just did their part, there would be no need to.

  2. Thank you and you’re welcome Marci 🙂

    Any effort helps, keep up the good work out there!


  3. […] We previously had picked up in front of Hertz awhile ago and had hoped that they were pleasantly surprised with their clean area and kept it up!  Unfortunately it looked just as disgusting as last time. […]

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