Week 10 – Snow Problem

December 14, 2008

Despite our doubts regarding the “WINTER STORM OF THE CENTURY!!!!” we succumbed to the general panic incited by the media and took off early Saturday to revisit the same neighborhood we tidied up in Week 4. Ten minutes later we proudly filled our 19th and 20th buckets!

With frozen hands we climbed back into the car and slowly thawed out.  We concluded that as long as we continue to dedicate ourselves to this cause, there will be an eternal supply of litter (enough to make you dizzy!)   Unfortunately for the environment it’s like the old Doritos commercial, “Clean up all you want, we’ll make more!”

 Today we spent the morning frolicking in two powdery inches of West Seattle snow (for those of you not from the Pacific Northwest, snow is really quite rare for us).  As it turned out, Lori and I were wise to go out yesterday since the beautiful blanket of snow would have covered the unsightly trash.

Won’t you join us and help make the world a more beautiful place? We’d love to post about your bucket adventures but until then we’ll continue on, really… its snow problem.



  1. Hi,

    We received the following email from Jeremy in Utah. While we like the idea of cleaning up the community, we do not have the time or money to try a startup company that would rely on donations.

    It’s a great idea though and best of luck to you Jeremy! Keep in touch and let us know if you go for it. 😀

    I see garbage everywhere i go. it is disgusting and there is no excuse for it.
    The reason I am writing this is an Idea I just thought of and might actually work. I want to look into it more. Anways the idea is to get people in the area to start making donations towards the cause. Hell people could even make a living off picking up litter. Not only would it create more jobs for the community you would be cleaning up the planet. Not only that you would have an income source to be able to get out more and reach people to join in the cause. Not only that I think if it was well known in a community and a lot of people were donating to the cause they would be more apt to clean up after themselves. Its just an Idea but tell me what you think. I might start something like this down in utah where i live here soon if i can get the sponsors. Tell me what you think of the idea and your more than free to use it if you think it will benefit the cause. I’m all about a cleaner earth not money.

  2. Love your site, what a great cause! Keep up your wonderful work!

  3. Wow, fantastic site, I’m so pleased of what you are doing, keep up the good work! Happy day 😉

  4. If everyone filled a bucket like you are doing, we would all enjoy nature and a walk down our favorite street… Great initiative…

  5. Love the blogs BTW. But my comment is: I love the talking heads-ish stop motion gif animation. Classic and clever.

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