Week 12 – Easy Pickin’

December 28, 2008

With the snow almost all gone, with no city garbage pick up for two weeks, with our new Christmas presents to each other it was easy pickin’ this week to fill our two buckets!

The melted snow showcased all the litter that had been hidden for the last two weeks. Tiny spots of snow everywhere almost looked like garbage littering the roads, but there was plenty of trash to pick up.

Waste Management has promised to pick up the mounds of trash on every road, bus stop, etc. but West Seattle has yet to see them. The one good thing is that they promised not to charge anyone for the extra bags of garbage around their initial rubbish can. Merry Christmas!

The best part of picking up litter today was our Christmas presents to each other, which are called Grapplers. To help ease our backs we decided to invest in rubbish-picker-uppers. They worked wonderfully and effortlessly. Ben caught his stride walking and picking up at the same time. We found the occasional garbage that we had to bend down to pick up but that was rare. How fun to play with our new Christmas toys.

Happy New Year / Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!

Ben and Lori



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