Week 13 – We’re not out of the woods yet!

January 4, 2009

Like Hansel and Gretel we followed the trail of Styrofoam peanuts up and down a nearby street.  Pretty pink and green packing material still swirling from Christmas past.

Waste Management finally picked up the garbage in our neighborhood yesterday.  “Yesterday” means three weeks of piled garbage in front and in back of homes in West Seattle.  This meant that Ben and I had plenty of litter to gather in our own neck of the woods. 

We had so much to pick up that after we filled our buckets in minutes we decided to go after two more.  The sidewalks strewn with trash from hurried garbage picker-uppers and whatever must have flown off their already bulging trucks.

Who is to blame?  Mother Nature?  Our mayor for lack of organization?  Our neighbors for being too lazy to go to the dump and just continued piling until they were bursting at the seams?  The companies that continue to make excessive excelsior that is not biodegradable?  Or us…the people who continue to purchase items from these companies without voicing our concerns?  We have a voice…and we need to use them.

Speaking of voices, Ben just yelled “It’s snowing again!”


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