Week 14 – Look Mom, no hands!

January 11, 2009

“beneath the clouds live Earth-Mother from whom is derived the Water of Life, who at her bosom feeds plants, animals and men.”  ( Larousse 428 )

When I was a kid, trouble and injury found me often, especially when showing off. Many broken bones resulted from my stunts but today I am older and wiser (hopefully).  My stunts today consist of helping Mother Nature along with the help of litter pick up and cool camera shots.

For weeks Lori and I have been driving by a strange vacant lot in West Seattle located at the corner of 35th Ave SW and SW Graham St.  This is where I came up with the idea of the “self-fulfilling” bucket.  Actually it looks like Mother Nature giving a helping hand…or branch.  

 With all the past storms we’ve had it’s nice she’s giving us a break.  I also find it hysterically funny that Gaia (Mother Nature) according to Greek Mythology is the Mother, wife (or both?!) of Uranus.  It’s apropos since she’s been freezing our asses off lately!



  1. Clever animation Ben, I like it. And yes, the Greek Mythos and Uranus relationship is hilarious! I don’t think I’ll ask who the Father is.

  2. Your animation is not only very clever, as Damian commented, but also a unique way to show just how little it takes to make a great difference.

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