Week 16 – Admiral Lookout… Below!

January 24, 2009

With the promise of rain or snow on the horizon we chose to take advantage of the fleeting sunshine and headed to Admiral Lookout in West Seattle.  It overlooks beautiful downtown Seattle with sweeping views ranging from the Space Needle to the Cascades. 

It was too hazy to see the mountains but that didn’t cloud our good img_9876spirits.  Three giant trash bins and no obvious litter also put a spring in our step.  Until we looked down below the protective railing and saw an abundance of trash. 

Thank goodness we had our new grapplers, but they couldn’t get everything.  We’re not sure if people ate their lunch at the lookout then just tossed their rubbish overboard or the wind blew the trash down the ravine and the sticker bushes just took hold. 

Whatever the reason, we had no problems filling our two buckets in a half hour.  It felt good to clean an area that we knew tourists frequented.  It would have been a shame for them to look at the pretty view only to look down below.  We would hate for that image to mar their view of Seattle.



  1. So good to see the same empowerment of individuals to generate whatever change they can in their own environment both sides of the pond. Saw your link on ‘people clearing litter’ in the UK. Good to feel part of an international movement to take responsibility for the way our local environments are experienced by ourselves – and others

  2. Thanks Andy! We’ve had a lot of fun so far and look forward to more in the future. We would love to add you to our Bucket Heads list if you are willing to fill a bucket over on the right side of the pond. 🙂

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