Week 17 – Fife’s a bitch!

February 2, 2009

It was getting dark and we were an hour away from West Seattle…and to add salt to the wound, the Super Bowl was almost half over.  Ben suggested a quick pick up where he works, which is Fife, Washington

In his route to work every day Ben passes countless areas of enormous litter.  One of the most annoying areas is one of the off ramps into Fife which has to start his day in the city without sidewalks.  Numerous casinos, car lots and warehouses scatter throughout and timg_00401he “Tacoma Aroma” that wafts through on those especially windy days is oh-so-pleasant.

Of course there is a brighter note to Fife; it has recently been highlighted on the Stephen Colbert Report where he compared Dick’s burgers to the Pick Quick’s burgers (Special note from Ben: Pick Quick blows Dick’s away!).  Also, we learned that Fife is a city located in the number one rhubarb producing County in the U.S.

What Stephen failed to mention was the infamous Poodle Dog Restaurant.  Which according to the sign has Good Foo!  I’m almost afraid to ask what the special is.


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