Week 21 – The Choice is Yours

March 1, 2009

March 1st through May 31st starts the annual “Great American Cleanup“.  Ben and I believe that keeping our world beautiful should be an annual process, but we applaud the extra efforts to involve others through organized efforts.

If you aren’t the start-your-own-bucket-brigade type, this is the best place to begin.  Organized groups have been formed and anyone can click on their location and find something nearby.  If you don’t find anything in your neck of the woods, you can surely start your own organized effort with their guidance.    It is your choice.

img_0120On the Keep America Beautiful website they specify the two choices that people can make; what products we choose to buy or use and the choice of how to dispose of them. 

We picked up litter today around a construction area.  The amount of Styrofoam lunch containers and empty beer cans being  strewn about was astounding.  I’m glad our favorite take out restaurants provide recyclable containers, or we wouldn’t be eating from their establishments.  Of course we then choose to dispose of them in the responsible manner. 

The choice is ours…what will you choose?


One comment

  1. I have not commented lately, but I just wanted to tell you that your efforts are being closely watched by the masses and I want to tell you, they are impressed!!!! WAY TO GO BEN & LORI!!!!!

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