Week 22 – Quick Pick

March 8, 2009

Rushing back home to West Seattle we encountered rain, snow, sleet, and sunshine.  Not knowing when the locusts were going to show up we decided on a quick lunch stop at the “Pick Quick” for a burger in Fife.  Ben raves about the Pick Quick and I have to admit, timg_0128hey were cheap and tasty.  They were much better than most fast food places.

Finally back in West Seattle we stopped along Sylvan Way SW which was a area that we always pass by and say that would be a quick pick-up place! Wine bottles, couches, and your basic trash littered up and down the hill.  It literally took two minutes to pick up two buckets.  It was very sad.

On our way back to the car we passed a sign that read “Longfellow Creek Greenspace.”  They are a community organization that helps in restoring the creek back to its original state.   They organize clean ups and weed removal along the Longfellow Creek Trail. 

We applaud the efforts of the Longfellow Creek clean up crew and will continue to do our part with our quick pick ups as well.


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