Week 25 – ‘Tired’ of Litter

March 30, 2009

Kudos to the Washington State Department of Ecology.  Their numerous bags on the side of I-5 made our 5 hour car ride yesterday more enjoyable.  We love how they turned their bags around towards the cars so that we could see who was responsible for these good deeds.  We also hoped that passers-by would see the mounds of litter, the litter still yet on the ground and think twice before throwing their garbage out their window. 

We also saw the mountains of tires piled up next to the bags and bags of rubbish.  It’s amazing how people felt no remorse leaving their giant tires all over the sides of the road.  Notices of fines are placed up and down the highway but obviously people believe that they can get away with littering.  Without repercussions, there will be little change in attitudes.  How difficult would it have been to retrieve these tires since they were already parked there?

Ben had to get two new tires today and happily paid the disposal fees for the old tires.  Shouldn’t the litterers also be responsible in disposing of their tires as well?  Unfortunately without adequate watch, minimal fines and the difficulty in catching them in the act is too much for our ‘tired’ State.


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