Week 31 – Mother Lode

May 10, 2009

Driving for 3 hours to see my punkin-noodle for a dinner that I paid for was more than worth it on Mother’s Day.  According to him, he should be celebrated as well since without his presence I would not have the pleasure of being a mother.   Ah, that higher education is coming in so handy.

Earlier this morning Ben and I helped Mother Earth by celebrating at Alki Beach.  It was sunny and pretty and the clouds threatened soon so we picked up as quickly as we could.  It was fairly clean except for the usual bulk head.  Ben crawled over the fence and tossed all the garbage over to me on the sidewalk.  He even saw a torn kite at the bottom of the rocky hill and maneuvered to claim his reward.  I think she was very happy for the gift we gave her.

As we took the pretty picture of our filled buckets with the Seattle city skyline in the background I noticed a memorial of Jon Eggers.  It was a small monument almost hidden by bushes.  I also noticed how young he was…all of 27 years old.  Underneath it said, “A man walks along the beach…picking up things that he can reach…reaching not only with his hands…but intellectually when he can.”  Jon’s mom must have been very proud.

Happy Mother’s Day


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