Week 34 – Picked Clean

May 31, 2009

Ben and I revisited the High School in West Seattle.  The usual condoms, bottles of water and beer cans littered up and down the street overlooking the track field.  It felt good to look back and see a big (clean!) difference. 

We’ve also noticed the many commercials on the radio lately regarding the legalities of litter and calling in the litterers that you see while you are out in traffic.  Unfortunately, with the recent budget cuts, the radio spots will cease and the decrease of hired help to pick up our littered roads will lessen.

So if you live in Washington State, please make sure you call in to 1-866-Litter1 to report violaters.  Hopefully this will deter more people in the future in these tough economic times. Also we’d love to have you get out there and fill a couple buckets.



  1. I was inspired by your drive to help make the world a better place, and I decided to do a little cleaning up myself. A week ago, I attended the Hoquiam Cancer Run and saw that some teenagers, who had been “hanging out” on a nearby hill, had left a lot of trash laying in the grass. As I walked around the track, raising money for cancer research, I decided that I would take a break from walking and clean the hillside. The Cosmopolis Lions Club gladly offered me a large garbage bag to contain the garbage and within 30 minutes the hillside was again a nice place for other walkers to take a break.
    Keep up the great work:)

  2. Thanks for pitching in Dana! I added you to our Bucket Heads club 🙂

    Check it out: https://inthebucket.wordpress.com/category/bucket-heads/

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