Week 41- Litter is Everyone’s Business

July 19, 2009

Ben’s parents were in town and we managed to catch a part of West Seattle’s annual Hi-Yu parade.  Hi-Yu (according to their website) means “much, plenty, abundance” in Chinook jargon.

As we watched the parade participants in the queue waiting their turn to start, we noticed all the litter on the ground.  Talk about “abundance!” Ben and I agreed to follow the parade route when we talked about our litter pick-up the next day. We thought it would be the perfect way to give back to our community.  We have such wonderful events available in our backyard…the West Seattle Fair the week before and this week the pirates, clowns and marching bands on parade.

Unfortunately we barely got out of the parking lot of the Admiral Safeway.  We started down the sidewalk heading towards Hiawatha field and just made it to the start of the parade route before our buckets were full.  Granted, the Safeway parking lot was mostly full of Jack-in-the-Box litter but between the two businesses you would think they would be able to keep their lots and surrounding sidewalks litter free.

Last night we were lucky enough to watch the Pow Wow at Discovery Park.  They spoke of their people, their culture, and of the precious land… making sure to give thanks.

As the old Indian proverb  goes…”Treat the earth well, It was not given to you by your parents, It was loaned to you by your children.”


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