Week 42 – She Blows Hot and Cold

July 27, 2009

With the last “real” rain in Seattle back in faraway May and the continuous talk of the record heat this week,  Ben and I were not looking forward to picking up litter.  Sleepless nights were abound a la Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.

Ben channeled  Week 11 where it was so cold and so snowy we could barely walk along the West Seattle streets hunting for litter.  “Do you remember the scene where Steve Buscemi tried to hide the money and he walked to the fence and looked to the left and to the right and all he saw was snow and barbed wire?  Now that is cold!”

I tried to get Fargo wrapped around my brain and all I could come up with was hot and heavy Bogie and the shy, demure Lauren Bacall.  Ceiling fans barely cutting into the steam of the day… and their minds.  “You know how to whistle don’t you?  You just put your lips together and blow…”

We broke down this week and bought an air conditioner for the bedroom.  No more Cat on a Hot Tin Roof as we wait for Mother Nature to make the call…”You feeling lucky? Well, do ya punk?”

Yeah, we felt pretty lucky, two more for our Bucket List.


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  1. nice article.

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