Week 43- Message in the Bottles

August 2, 2009

Recently we were approached by one of our readers who is actively lobbying our State Legislators to enact a Bottle Bill in Washington similar to our neighbors in Oregon. We love this idea and went out this morning in search of bottles.

In only ten minutes we filled two buckets (overflowing) with fifty four bottles from a nearby roadside. Oregon refunds $.05 per bottle returned which means that Lori and I would’ve been paid $2.70 for ten minutes of easy labor! If our great State were to enact a similar bottle bill, I know plenty of of kids and adults who would love to make extra money gathering bottles from the roadside. Also a deposit would force people to think twice about throwing a bottle (or can) out of their car, hopefully also preventing them from tossing other litter as well.

I spent some time last week emailing our Governor and State Representatives asking them to take a look at enacting a bottle bill, so far none of them have responded to my inquiries.

Please make your voice heard on this important topic. For more info on Bottle Bills around the U.S. including an easy look-up for your Legislator’s email addresses, take a look at this great website: BottleBill.org

On another note, we have a radio interview scheduled next week that will air on Progressive Talk AM-1090’s Community Matters with Lee Callahan Sunday August 9th at 11AM.  Also check us out on their Eco-Minute broadcasts throughout the week.


One comment

  1. great pictures of bottles and good message too.

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