Brin from Lynnwood, WA

August 17, 2009

I’ve been picking up litter at beaches from So. Cal, No. Cal, Lynnwood to Bellingham for years. I started doing it regularly when I came upon a young seal in the rocks at the shore that had some sort of plastic around its neck. I called Fish & Game for him, but by the time they got there there was no beach (tide came in).

So I pick stuff, especially trash and ropey plastic things and fishing line to try to get it not to happen again. The worst trash day is after July 4, when people go to the beach and leave their fireworks, especially in places like the Lummi ferry beach where they sell fireworks nearby. One year I took 800 pounds of fireworks crap and other garbage to the dump in Whatcom County. So if you’re ever looking for a special day to rally friends and invade beaches west of fireworks stands, July 5 is the day (and then somehow those beaches get re-trashed with leftover fireworks and picnic crap for the next few weeks, so there are plenty of excuses for followup trips to the beach.)

My most unusual item was a loaded, jammed semi-automatic pistol that someone plopped into the water, not knowing about tides, found at Meadowdale beach. The police said it was stolen.

I wonder if somebody could make a presentation to go around to schools with the photos you take, to encourage kids not to just unwrap that candy bar or whatever and drop the wrapper and walk away (which I see young folks do all the time).


One comment

  1. Well done to you Brin! Welcome to the Bucket Heads club šŸ™‚

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