Week 45 – Do the Right Thing

August 17, 2009

Several weeks ago we were interviewed on AM 1090’s Community Matters (to listen to our interview, click here). We do strongly believe that community matters. Today we attended a rally at the Tacoma News Tribune demanding a public option for health care. To take a look at Lori (black shirt at the counter) and me (red shirt to the right of Lori) in this picture click here.

This evening we headed out to pick up litter from the same stretch of roadway that we’ve hit for the past three weeks. We are making a dent but there’s still enough to lead us back to the same spot next week.

During our radio interview, Lee Callahan asked us if we have ever found anything interesting while picking up litter. We answered, “not really”. Well today that all changed.  While filling two buckets we found a registration holder (like those that would hang over your car’s sun visor). We immediately thought that a car thief had thrown this holder out the window and into the wooded area on Sylvan Way in West Seattle.

Being the community oriented people that we are, we have spent the last forty-five minutes trying to contact the non-emergency police line to no avail. While it is frustrating to not reach a police officer, we will persevere.

Just like we will continue to support health care reform, the bottle bill, the bag tax AND pick up a bucket of litter every week.  What will you DO?



  1. Is it possible that Jennifer Aniston and Robert Redford are standing next to you and Lori in the TNT picture?

  2. I was VERY impressed with the interview on Community Matters – you two are great – very unpretentious and un-self-righteous: exactly the right tone and message! Thank you.
    And thank you for the health care nudge. Personally I have emailed Dave Reichert, even though I am not in his district. And thanking Jim McDermott (I am in his district). But alas, the same ol’ same ol’ will probably continue on . . .
    Meanwhile I have been visiting Seattle Parks with a bag in hand – I found Discovery Park, Ballard Locks, Volunteer Park, and even Cal Anderson Park quite clean! Golden Gardens was not – my wildest find was an unspent firework in the sand.
    And then I am becoming pushy and contacting businesses in my neighborhood where there is always a mess – can’t they supply a garbage can??? I even found out the name of a parking-lot owner and contacted them – and it seems to have worked.
    That knowledge of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch just keeps me moving on.

  3. Go get ’em Fran!

    Send us a pic of your bag full someday, we love to post pictures on our Bucket Heads page 🙂

    Keep up the great work and keep the pressure on our elected officials.


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