Week 46 – Every Litter Bit Hurts

August 24, 2009

Ben’s family and I took a weekend camping trip to Ohanapecosh.  Ohana (just for fun) means “family” in Hawaiian.  This Hawaii girl felt part of the family as we camped, sang and hiked.

Ben took a hike with his mom to Silver Falls as the girls dipped our toes in the Hot Springs.  A day trip to Sunrise,  S’mores and Bingo (a new camping tradition) rounded out a wonderful time had by all.

Ben and I had every intention to fill up recycled grocery bags as a stand in for our buckets this week but the litter was minimal.  A piece of paper, cigarette butt and a napkin was all that Ben could muster on his hike.  We all found bits of plastic and trash around the camp ground leaving it cleaner than when we arrived.

But it doesn’t matter how little the amount of trash collected, because every tiny little bit of litter will effect our eco-system and our planet.  How vile is it to be in a place called Paradise and look down and see a random piece of trash?  It made us happy that the litter found at Mt. Rainier was minimal.

We encourage everyone to just slip a bag in their pocket wherever they go and pick up some trash along the way…no matter how small the amount.  It will help the earth tremendously.  As a bonus, it will make you feel good! It looks better and it could be a wonderful tradition to pass on to your children.  If you start now to make a habit of picking up any litter you find on your picnic, hike, walk on the beach, etc…you will be doing the world a world of good, because every litter bit hurts.

(Since we didn’t fill up two buckets on our camping trip, we dropped off the camping supplies this afternoon and filled up two quick buckets in West Seattle.)


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