Week 49 – Show and Tell

September 14, 2009

I am always shocked at the abundance of litter around schools.  With all the anti-litter programs that schools have introduced to young children, you would think that it would have sunk in by now.  I picked up about ten freeze pop wrappers within a five feet span…it must have been a hot day.

With all the programs that we currently have in our school curriculum (which is a wonderful thing), they aren’t sinking in enough.  Parents need to take a bigger role in teaching their children about litter. Who do children emulate and listen to more than anyone else?

If they see you always grabbing a bag on your way to the park or the beach or picnic, making sure to clean up after yourselves, that will become routine.  If they see you not only picking up after yourselves but taking it a step further and picking up litter as you hike that path or walk down that beach,  they may not comment… but they will notice and remember.

Kids learn from watching their parents, they mimic our actions.  Whether it’s a casual thing or a significant lesson does not matter.  Not only do you teach them to be responsible for the earth but you teach them about community service.

Teach them by example….  2 buckets and 15 minutes later, Ben and I are first up for show and tell.  It’s your turn…


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