Week 51- Funny Farm

September 27, 2009

Ben at the mall?  Bad idea.  Ben who is not feeling well at the mall?  Hide the children!  We intended to pick up litter on Monday when Ben felt better but since we had to go to the dreaded mall anyway, we decided to bring our buckets just in case.

It ended up being a wonderful idea because we were so eager to finish our stint at the mall we arrived there a half hour before the stores actually opened.  We headed South of South Center Mall and immediately came to farm country.  It was very strange.  We saw a llama farm that was in walking distance of Best Buy.  How convenient!  You may never know when that llama needs an upgrade.

We found a quick pick up spot next to another farm that had an abundance of trash near their fence.  I’m sure the guys in their tractors were a little intrigued at what we were doing but it was fun and different.  It was the perfect amount of time and we headed back to the mall where we accomplished both chores as painlessly as possible.


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