Week 53 – Happy Anniversary!

October 11, 2009

Since traditionally paper is given to couples on their one year anniversary it was apropos that we picked up lots of paper on our first anniversary. It was a little windy and there was a definite nip in the air as we picked up litter this week.

Fall is here in Seattle and in our quest for that perfect soup; we headed to the local farmer’s market in West Seattle with a quick pick up at the park across the street from the market.

What a beautiful day! Yellow and red leaves scattered ever so poetically, children laughing in the park playing in the leaves and parents screaming at their soccer children to run faster.  Except for the last part, it was the perfect day and a wonderful place to commemorate our one year anniversary.

Looking back, we had no idea that we would accomplish so much.  We are very proud of our accomplishments and even prouder of our tenacity.

53 weeks

104 buckets

approximately 424 lbs of trash collected and recycled

Not bad huh?  How did it all start (if you are really curious you will see our first post of Oct 12th)? I remember Ben turning to me and saying, “How can we help in our small way to give back to our community?”  It seems easy and selfless….which it has been and is.  There have been a couple of times when one of us has said….”can we skip this week?” I’m flashing back to the massive snow storm in Seattle where we could barely walk a few feet in the snow much less find trash in the streets and we are always, always, always happy that we did go out that day.

We made memories… like that time I thought I found a dead deer in the ravine and it was a poor dog which mortified Abby (Ben’s daughter) and the time we walked through the mysteriously cool fog through Lincoln Park.  Some weeks are better than others but we never lose focus and reason why we are doing “this”…picking up trash every week.  It seems small and almost senseless, but in our small way, we feel we are giving something back.  We are giving something to our community, giving something to our children and giving something to ourselves.

It’s been a wonderful reflection on our first year.  We will again channel Obama’s humble speech as he accepted the Nobel Peace Prize and said he would accept this award as a call to action as other nations as the well as the US  journey to find peace.  We have begun a momentum that can change history.  Well, maybe Ben and I can’t change history, but we can make a difference in what we see as our “small call to action.”


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