Week 69 – Underdog to the rescue!

February 7, 2010

Watching the Saints come marching in for victory was great!  Gotta love the underdog.  New Orleans definitely deserves something to cheer about…not to take any kudos away from their athleticism, sheer bravado and tenacity.

We showed our tenacity by running offense at our usual spot.  We’ve been trying to dominate the area by penetrating deep and delving into the line of scrimmage.  Unfortunately our coverage was blown and the other side had field position.

We could barely make a dent and their field advantage overcame us at one point.  But not to worry, just because they had the momentum meant that we could apply the sneak attack come from behind.

What we lacked in rushing, we gained with our double coverage.  We learned that as long as you have the drive and don’t mind encroaching on that neutral zone, anything can happen.  Two buckets in five minutes!  Now hit the showers…


One comment

  1. I agree, if you have the drive, nothing is impossible…

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