Week 70 – Precedents Day

February 15, 2010

Every week Lori and I attempt to set a precedent, a simple task that we hope motivates other people to join in and help clean up our earth. Recently we added Betty from Louisburg, NC to the Bucket Heads Club and she wrote recently to let us know she filled yet another bucket. We are so happy to have her join our cause and sincerely hope others will do the same.

On Presidents Day today we headed down to Lincoln Park (since we live in Washington State we figured we honored both Presidents in one fell swoop) and picked up a couple buckets of litter (mostly bottles and cans aka recyclables).  It was a beautiful sunny morning that was a taste of Spring. With the Winter Olympics underway in Vancouver BC just north of us we both would rather it be cold and snowy in Seattle to help our snow-starved neighbors to the north.

Two buckets, a nice walk in the sunshine, and twenty minutes of work… how many of you reading this will consider heading out with a bucket or bag to set a precedent of your own?



  1. I had noticed in your previous pictures that you pick up a lot of bottles and cans. I believe a deposit on beverage containers would help to reduce litter and encourage recycling. The beverage companys don’t want it though and do all they can to keep it from happening.

  2. Hi Betty,

    We completely agree and along with one of our readers have approached our state and local policians to enact a Bottle Bill in Washington State. So far we haven’t had much luck and still don’t have any deposit on beverages.

    Here’s our blog from last summer when we wrote about our mission: https://inthebucket.wordpress.com/2009/08/02/week-43-message-in-the-bottles/

    Happy Day!


  3. Message in the bottle is so true.

    Our committee has introduced a bottle bill for NC. Although it seems that we are not making much progress, we are still pushing the issue. Our web site is: http://www.co.franklin.nc.us/nclitterreductionact/index.htm

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