Week 71 – Giving Back

February 21, 2010

Ben and I have a new addiction….the Marination Mobile.  It’s a Korean/Hawaiian/Taco truck that plants itself all over the city all week long.  But on Saturday’s, the truck belongs to West Seattle! It hangs out on the intersection of Morgan and 35th Ave in an abandoned lot.

The silvery- saucy-fusion mobile arrives early but sits silent and sober.  Ben and I run errands Saturday morning and avert our eyes as we  pass the truck that “tries” to blend into the surroundings.

As we pass the time waiting for the Marination Mobile to stop marinading and start feeding our addictions, we head out to various areas to pick up litter with the promise of yummy tacos as our reward.

Unfortunately we noticed that the abandoned lot that houses our latest West Seattle hot spot was also surrounded by trash. Just like we filled ourselves up, we returned the favor and stuffed two buckets with litter.  In true marinade form, we feel that we also enhance some tough areas and inject a tender flavor throughout.

Whoever thought of mixing Korean/Hawaiian/Mexican food into one…we thank you.  Mahalo nui loa!

Food is our common ground, a universal experience.”  James Beard.


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