Litter Alley, a strike!

March 31, 2010

Dear Readers,

Waste Management in Seattle appear to be headed for a strike in the very near future. Due to the small size of our garbage can, we will have to postpone any litter pickups until the strike is called off or over.

If they do move forward with the strike, I’m sure there will litter alley be a mountain of garbage for us to pickup. We’ll play catch up and fill as many buckets as needed to catch up.


Ben and Lori



  1. That does not sound good. If your garbage is not picked up, it can cause real problems.

    Here in NC, we are having lots and lots of pollen. When I shut my eyes, I can see yellow. I’m also behind in my litter picking but I know it’s not going to evaporate. It will be there when I can get out and walk my road again. I just hope it does not get mowed over first. I enjoy picking up litter but I don’t like picking it up in bits and pieces.

  2. After a couple weeks of failed negotiations, the strike officially began today. Hopefully it’ll be over soon so Lori and I can get back out and clean up Seattle!

    See you soon,


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