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Week 74 – Spring Break

March 21, 2010

To our loyal readers, we took a little Spring Break last week as Ben nursed the last of his winter colds.

It was a beautiful Spring Day that warranted shorts, T-shirts and a slight spring in our step.  It was near 70-‘s weather and BBQ’s were wafting ever-s0-gently in the air…until we reached our point of Spring  clean up which was the Waste Management Plant near the freeway.

Even though the first day of spring was amongst us,  four buckets and ten minutes was all it took to catch up from missing last week.  Ben felt much better and with the arrival of Spring and with the onset of Health Care Reform we felt quite positive of things to come.

“He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything.  Thomas Carlyle


Week 54 – Fall Over Dead

October 18, 2009

“the year is dying.”  Paul Dunbar

For the girl who comes from the land of no seasons, it took awhile for me to appreciate the fall.  The Northwest does not have the true fall colors of the East coast but we have the brilliant reds and yellows that are reminiscent of that last fizz right before that New Year’s sparkler goes out.  Just a burst of “look at me!” before it hibernates for the long winter.

Ben and I had a busy Abby birthday weekend and went for a fast pick up before my niece Cami’s arrival for her college break tomorrow.  We drove through our normal “quick-picker-upper” places and were surprised how clean the area looked.  With a closer look we realized the fallen leaves left a pretty blanket of color to cover the clutter.

Five minutes and two buckets later we were back in the car headed for home.  Later that evening I called my sister to let her know that I would bring Cami to the mall to buy warmer Fall clothes.  She let me know how grateful she was and said Cami described the Northwest as “the air-conditioner being turned on outside.”  Very cute.

The antithesis to the Spring awakening is the Fall who dies a spectacular death.


Week 47 – A Different Point of View

August 30, 2009

With a 6 hour round trip to and from Seattle and Portland this weekend it’s no wonder that I’m a bit tired.  Helping my niece Cami settle in to the University of Portland was worth the ride.  She was so excited and filled with trepidation at the same time, excitement clearly the overall winner.

It was so much fun to see family and the best part was to see the Pacific Northwest through new eyes.  Vance (my brother-in-law) saw a squirrel for the first time and asked if it was a mongoose.  It made me remember when I first moved here and asked what the things poking out of the walls of my apartment were  (they were space heaters).

You start taking for granted the natural beauty;  mountains,  trees, animals, etc.  It was a good reminder to stop and smell the rhododendrons.  Ben and I did a quick pick up at the bottom of the hill in West Seattle on 35th Avenue and continued to pick up litter all the way to the pretty Totem Pole Viewpoint on Alaska Street that overlooks the cascades and downtown Seattle.

A different point  of view sometimes helps keep everything in perspective. Two buckets and 20 minutes later we stopped to enjoy the view.