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Week 7 – Dog Day Afternoon

November 23, 2008

Ben’s daughter Abby (who is fourteen going on 40), was held hostage by the Bucket Brigade this weekend.  We set off for errands and just happened to have our buckets with us at the time.  What a coincidence!  We picked up litter in a primarily wooded area on a winding road with cars occasionally whizzing by. Hartstene Island is teeming with tame deer, goats, dogs, etc., which scare and amaze this Seattle city girl.

Before we reached our destination we spotted a few cans on the side of the road and Ben pulled over while I jumped out and quickly retrieved them for our buckets.  A yellow dog came bounding after me as I quickly jumped back into my seat in the nick of time.  His teeth exposed and heading right for my open window and probably my jugular.  I screamed of course, which is expectant of someone who is just about to get their face eaten off by a rabid cujo-like dog

Ben sped off into the wind…protecting his beloved Lori as Abby yelled from the back seat, “Wasn’t that the img_53031cutest dog in the world? He totally licked my hand!”  Maybe he wasn’t so rabid after all.  Abby said he wasn’t actually exposing his knife-like teeth but that’s what dogs look like when they smile.  She also said that when their tail goes back and forth in a swinging type manner that is actually called “wagging” and is “supposedly” a friendly gesture. 

Later as we wandered along the side picking up rubbish ever-so-sweetly, we came upon a dead dog on the  side of the road.  Oh no.  We looked for our yellow dog on the way home but Ben assured Abby that he was happily at home with his family.  She begrudgingly believed him.

Two buckets, one dead dog, one traumatized teenager and fifteen minutes later we were done.  We were convinced that Abby would surely revolt the next time we suggested picking up rubbish…ATTICA! ATTICA!