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Week 72 – The Bus Stops Here

March 2, 2010

Going back for round two on the bottom of the hill on Sylvan Way and Delridge (across Sylvan Way from Home Depot), we noticed that our last effort two weeks ago was completely unnoticeable.

Another two buckets in less than two minutes was depressing.  Ben noticed that the places where the bus stops but were void of garbage cans were truly a trash magnet.

We understand budget cuts with the city but having mandatory garbage cans at bus stops are the least we can do. What or whom decides which bus stop garners a garbage can?

I noticed on the Metro website that the bus# 128 only comes every half an hour during certain times of the day.  This may be a large cause to the pile of trash next to the bus stop pole.  People complain about the rubbish at their daily bus stop all over the internet, so obviously people do care.  A simple garbage can could help solve a monumental problem.

I bet even that person who stands there every day wouldn’t mind bending down during their waiting time to beautify their daily bus stop.  When you see a pretty trashy area, people feel inclined to add to the madness.  When you see a pretty area with a large garbage can next to it, people feel inclined to “stop” the madness.


Week 28 – Can’t see the forest for the trees

April 19, 2009

I always wondered what “can’t see the forest for the trees” meant.  Was the water too murky, the path too hard to find?  Maybe it meant that if you didn’t pay attention you could lose yourself in the chaos and excitement…all wrong.

It means that you lose sight of the original focus and you may dwell on the sparkly foliage in front of you, or in our case the trash only at our feet.img_0297

Ben and I have worked on that same trashy hill three weeks now.  We keep hoping to make a difference in that spot.  It’s particularly precarious to pick-up there (love those alliterations) which doesn’t make it fun.  But we see no light at the end of the tunnel.  Massive trash was hidden just a few feet from where we started.  It took less than 5 minutes to fill our buckets

But what that saying really means is that it shouldn’t matter where we pick up and how many times it takes to see a little bit of difference.  The big picture remains the same…to clean up our world.