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The Bucket Stops Here

May 23, 2010

Dear Friends,

We write to you today at the end of a journey. During the garbage strike in Seattle we took a break from our weekly ritual and in doing so realized that at some point our litter campaign had to come to an end. With an impressive total of 148 buckets of litter collected in 74 straight weeks, we now pass the bucket to anyone out there who would like to take over where we left off.

We had plenty of fun and are happy to know that we made a difference and if anyone would like to pickup where we left off we’d be happy to hand this blog over to you. Please use the “Email Ben and Lori” link on the right column of this page with your request.

Thanks to all the Bucket Heads who pitched in from all around the country, we were so happy to hear about others out there who also care about our environment and were willing to get out and do something about it. While we won’t be continuing on a regular basis, don’t be surprised if you see a post every now and again as we still hate litter and may not always be able to pass by without doing something!

Until then,

Ben and Lori


Week 65 – Nought to be forgotten

January 3, 2010

With the “Nought’s” coming to a close, it is apropos that we think about the New Year and even better, the new decade.  But before we look forward, it is always best to look back and reflect.

The last ten years has been fraught with greed and gluttony.  The amount of waste and disregard for our planet has shown the disconnect with our world and the people who abuse it.

We are reminded every week as we revisit the same places in West Seattle and feel like we are picking up that same piece of litter.  A viscous deja-vu cycle…or recycle.

Looking forward, Ben and I realize our task is daunting and we may get discouraged at times, but the good we feel after filling two buckets is worth it.  Here’s to a safe and Happy New Year.

“Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around in awareness.”  James Thurber