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Week 5 – Our Political De-sign

November 9, 2008

Ben came up with a great idea about this weeks Bucket Brigade mission, we would take down political signs scattered over various neighborhoods.  Currently political signs are required to come down 72 hours after the election is over but we all know how they can linger, especially in precarious areas of a neighborhood. 

How can a person climb fences and reach magestic heights for the love of their political incumbent only to watch the slow decay of cardboard tacked on lightpoles and trees?  We’re thinking that they probably lost their election and then weren’t too anxious to climb back over those fences or reach those majestic heights after all. 

We tallied the names and looked up the county election results and sure enough 59% of the signs we found lost their election, initiative or levy. Perhaps their dejected hearts couldn’t bear risking a near-death experience picking up signs in the ditch adjacent to a busy road, next time let’s meet in the middle of the road.

Kudos to the Obama and McCain camp, since 4 hours, 4 counties and 2 buckets later we did not find one of their signs which occupied so many areas just a short week ago.  It has been almost a week and we exercised our choices and made our decisions, it’s time to clean up since the party is over.  Signing off…Ben and Lori