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Week 70 – Precedents Day

February 15, 2010

Every week Lori and I attempt to set a precedent, a simple task that we hope motivates other people to join in and help clean up our earth. Recently we added Betty from Louisburg, NC to the Bucket Heads Club and she wrote recently to let us know she filled yet another bucket. We are so happy to have her join our cause and sincerely hope others will do the same.

On Presidents Day today we headed down to Lincoln Park (since we live in Washington State we figured we honored both Presidents in one fell swoop) and picked up a couple buckets of litter (mostly bottles and cans aka recyclables).  It was a beautiful sunny morning that was a taste of Spring. With the Winter Olympics underway in Vancouver BC just north of us we both would rather it be cold and snowy in Seattle to help our snow-starved neighbors to the north.

Two buckets, a nice walk in the sunshine, and twenty minutes of work… how many of you reading this will consider heading out with a bucket or bag to set a precedent of your own?


Week 26 – Spring in our step!

April 5, 2009

For some reason this winter felt especially long. Maybe it was the abundance of snow this year, maybe it was the large heating bills, or maybe it was just the normal gray that all Seattlites get to know like a cranky relative.  Whatever it may be…60+ degrees and a sun-filled day made everyone’s smile just a tiny bit brighter.

Ben and I opted to fill our buckets at Lincoln Park in West Seattle where we could get the best of both worlds: sun, sand, lush greenery and an abundance of free parking.    

Babies in strollers, dogs on leashes and smiling people saying “thank you” littered our stroll.  Rubbish was hard to find but it didn’t matter since there was a definite spring in our step.  Ben even hopped the fence to get that empty bag of chips that was slightly out of reach.  

One leisurely stroll and two buckets later we headed home. “Not all  those who wander are lost.”  J.R.R. Tolkien.


Week 8 – Lincoln Park…or Linkin Park?

November 30, 2008

“In the shadow of the day…will embrace the world in grey”

It was a cold and foggy morning… Okay, it wasn’t very cold, but it was quite foggy and the perfect morning for a walk through Lincoln Park in West Seattle.  The mist through the trees was quite beautiful and though img_5336we scoured the park we found almost no trash, which made us quite proud. 

We meandered toward the beach where Ben finally found litter hidden in the brush under massive amounts of leaves.  An old Olympia Beer can and another beer can not yet opened!  Lincoln Park is truly magical.  Thank goodness he found the stash because my bucket consisted of one can, a few granola wrappers and a couple of bags of dog poo which I intended to drop off at the nearest trash can and NOT make it a part of my bucket-o-trash.

Ben walked the beach as I walked the path heading towards the Fauntleroy Ferry Dock.  Joggers, moms with strollers, and many dog-walkers as well, all talking about the many events going on in their lives.  We, on the other hand, would shout out the occasional, “Oh, I found a good one!”

This led to groups of people peering into our buckets to see what we were collecting on the beach.  At first when they saw the trash they had a disappointed look.  Then their look turned to admiration and a “Thank you for doing that!” type of vocal praise.  I immediately became embarrassed over the praise and just muttered a “oh, it’s nothing.” 

Ben on the other hand took the opportunity to talk about our blog and gave people our web address and encouraged them to pick up a bucket themselves once a week and talked about how fun and easy it could be.  One lady even said she always carried an empty bag along her walks “just in case” she found anything to pick up…very encouraging. 

I’ll have to follow Ben’s lead and not be so shy in marketing our desire to be green and give back to our communities.  I’ll channel the rock star wannabe in all of us and promote…promote…promote.  The next time you see us we may be passing out business cards!