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Betty from Louisburg, NC

February 15, 2010

The last time I picked up litter, I think, was when I wrote to you in January.  In NC our normal average temperature during the winter months is 50 degrees.  This winter, we have had rain, snow, wind and temperatures mostly in the 30’s.  I’ve been about to go berserk not being able to get outside and walk.
Today’s temperature got up to 45 degrees but it was very windy. Yesterday we had wind gust up to 50 mph and our yard was a mess with pine cones and twigs so I decided, regardless of the cold I was going to get outside and clean up the yard.  Tomorrow is looking much better for picking up litter as the wind is suppose to be calmer.  
I picked up about 2 bushels of  pine cones and filled a big baby pool twice with limbs and twigs.  It felt so good to be outside working in the sun. Even though it was quite breezy I decided to walk down the road and pick up the litter.  I got in a good walk, not quite a mile, and filled half a bag with litter. Tomorrow I plan to walk the road in the other direction and get that cleaned up.
Today, when I got back to the house, I took the bottles and cans out of the bag to recycle and put the remainder of the trash in a 5 gallon bucket and decided to take a picture.  After taking my foot and pressing the trash down in the bucket, I poured it into a Wal-mart bag.  Then I flattened the recyclables and put them in a Wal-mart bag for comparison.  The two bags are equal in size.  The difference is if I had not separated it and it all went to the landfill,  the trash would decompose but the bottles and cans would be there forever.
You can put me down for another bucket.  I would not have been able to do all this cleaning up today without my reach extender.  It’s a must have tool for picking up litter and yard debris.