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Week 73 – Trashing the Oscars

March 8, 2010

Ben and I did a quick pick up Sunday to make sure we were home in time for the Oscars. Two buckets in 5 minutes near the stairs leading down to Delridge did not disappoint.What did disappoint?  Not only did Avatar not sweep the Oscars, but it failed to win best picture.  Poor Ben lost the yearly Oscar contest of who can pick the most winners…yet again.

Of course I had the Hurt Locker as best picture and director which was followed by guffaws and smirks.  I was happy to see Babs handing over the Oscar to the first female winner…Break that glass ceiling!

The Oscars finally ended and I went to bed smiling oh-so smugly.  Ben stayed up and pouted, ala the grouchy character on Sesame Street.  The only difference between the two was that Oscar loves trash!